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How a Personal Chef Can Handle Negative Online Reviews

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March 21, 2017

The internet has paved the way for anyone and everyone to share their opinion. more

Food Holidays and Ways to Market Them to Your Clients in March

Posted on

March 07, 2017

Today, there’s a way to market everything, and food holidays are no different! National Artichoke Heart Day is coming up in March, and personal... more

Country Soul Sunday: Spicy Gumbo Collard Greens

A traditional Louisiana gumbo is filled with lots of seafood, and different meats. I decided to make my very own version that included smoked... more

Email Marketing: How to Set Up Your FREE MailChimp Account

As a Personal Chef, you know that much more goes into a successful business than offering wonderful culinary experiences to your customers. That... more

Country Soul Sunday: Southern Pound Cake

Very gifted bakers would agree that there pound cakes are the best, I researched a lot of recipes and tried a lot of different cakes for the best... more

Showcase Your Talents with February Food Holidays

You may have mastery of culinary arts, but you need an effective way to attract new clients to taste your delicious food creations. Personal Chef... more

Country Soul Sunday: Crispy Southern Fried Chicken more

Country Soul Sunday: Cajun Shrimp Mac & Cheese

A sure sign of a great cook is their Cajun Shrimp Mac & Cheese It will make you cry according to all my clients, my version just might bring... more

5 Ways You Can Boost Business on Instagram

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January 28, 2017

Meet Chef Nikki Cross with the Intuition Kitchen and see what she has to say about bringing Instagram into your Personal Chef business. This post... more

USPCA Member Spotlight: Chef Paola Santagati

Dreams of running a kitchen are common among chefs around the world, but some dream a little bigger: running not only a kitchen, but an entire... more

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