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The Man Behind the USPCA

Posted on

January 25, 2017


Larry Lynch, CEO

Today, the USPCA is by far the largest and most well established association for personal chefs. Meet the man that made it happen! more

Chef Mary Kenney Featured in "Her Life Magazine"

Posted on

April 10, 2016

in USPCA, featured

Chef Mary Kenney, owner of Legal Pantry in Albany New York, has been a member of the United States Personal Chef Association since May 2015. But... more

Delivering Happiness

By Larry Lynch more

Everything Speaks

Working as a Disney executive was one of the best business primers I could ever have had. I've told more than a few people that it was like being... more

Good for the Earth AND the Pocketbook

This weekend's Wall Street Journal featured an article about a recent USDA report on food waste. While we can't connect the article we can connect... more

The Keyword in Personal Chef isn't Chef

I know I pushed this link through on Twitter a couple of days ago but it bears repeating, more

The Challenge With Meal Delivery Services

There was a very interesting article about meal delivery and eating at home that appeared recently in the New York Times (Click Here). more

Disrupt or be Disrupted

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. more

"Talk me into going to the USPCA conference."

"Talk me in to going to the USPCA conference. "

Yesterday, someone posted this challenge in the Facebook group I am a Personal Chef. How did... more

USPCA New England Chapter Participates in The Literacy Center's Tasting Fundraiser

The New England Chapter of the USPCA was featured at The Literacy Center's Food Tasting. The United States Personal Chef Association was represented... more

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