USPCA Member Spotlight: Chef Linda Page

USPCA Member Spotlight: Chef Linda Page

Dreams of running a kitchen are common among chefs around the world, but some dream a little bigger: running not only a kitchen, but an entire business.  See how they did it, how they’re doing and how you can start one of your very own.

Chef Linda Page

In 1984, Chef Linda graduated first in her class from an upstate New York culinary academy. She pursued her passion in professional kitchens for nearly ten years, until something more precious entered her life in 1993; a family. At this point, she wanted a culinary career that allowed her to spend time with her children by allowing her to set her own schedule. She cooked up her own business, A Chef of Your Own, and joined the United States Personal Chef Association. Since then, Chef Linda has grown A Chef of Your Own into a successful Orlando-based business that provides her with everything she’s ever wanted. In 2007, Chef Linda worked with a number of NFL Sports Agents training hopefuls here in the Orlando Area and provided fresh daily meals during training.

Eighteen of her clients were drafted by the NFL and one won the Super Bowl in 2008. She now works with many of the Central Florida Rental Companies, providing meals to their guests.

Business Name: A Chef of Your Own
Phone: (407) 856-7853


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