USPCA Member Spotlight: Chef Paola Santagati

USPCA Member Spotlight: Chef Paola Santagati

Dreams of running a kitchen are common among chefs around the world, but some dream a little bigger: running not only a kitchen, but an entire business.  See how they did it, how they’re doing and how you can start one of your very own.



Born and raised in Sicily, Chef Paola lovingly prepares her clients' meals just as her Nonna (grandma) Mara taught her to do when Paola was a little girl. Chef Paola grew up in the city of Motta S. Anastasia where she was inspired to create the marvelous food she serves today. Paola has lived in the Orlando area since 1993 and has been providing clients with her delizioso services since 2000. Chef Paola was honored as Personal Chef of the Year during the 2016 United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA) National Conference in Providence, Rhode Island, on July 9. The Chef of the Year must be nominated by a fellow member of the USPCA. Criteria for this award include innovations in their business, community outreach, mentoring or volunteer work, and success in the Personal Chef field.

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Business Name: Italia Cuisine Co.
Phone: (407) 375-5338

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